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Samuel Zell & Robert H. Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies

University of Michigan Ross School of Business
701 Tappan Ave, R3200
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
(734) 615-4419

Entrepreneurial Advising 
Schedule an Appointment to meet with an Institute staff member through our Office Hours advising program. Current students may sign up online
Prospective students, please contact Sarika Gupta to setup an appointment.

Student Programs
Student co-curricular programs are an excellent opportunity for students to refine their business plans, expand their networks, receive funding, and learn about their new ventures from another perspective.  For information regarding student competitions, including the Michigan Business Challenge, and the summer internship programs, connect with Keith Arthur.

  To learn more about the Dare to Dream startup grant program and the Zell Entrepreneurs Program, contact Sarika Gupta.  

Zell Lurie Investment Funds
Student-led investment funds are a cornerstone of the action-based learning experience at Michigan Ross.  For more information on any of the five ZLI funds, connect with Marybeth Davis.

Conferences & Symposia
Held throughout the year, Zell Lurie conferences and symposia combine provocative learning programs with unique entrepreneurial resources. Connect with Mary Nickson for information on our signature events. 
Incubation & Acceleration
The Zell Lurie Institute, in partnership with the Center for Entrepreneurship, hosts TechArb, a student incubator, and the Desai Accelerator, a business accelerator. For information on Desai, please connect with Alison Todak.  To inquire about the next TechArb student cohort, please contact Ryan Gourley

Alumni Engagement
​Alumni from the University of Michigan have many opportunities to participate in programs at the Zell Lurie Institute. Discover how you can connect with ZLI by contacting Drea Shipp-Caldwell

Media & Marketing  
For press and news information about the Zell Lurie Institute, please connect with Shannon Beeman.

General Information 

All other general inquires about the Zell Lurie Institute please call, 734-615-4419.

Stay Connected
Receive our Student e-News! Please request to be included in our email distribution to receive updates and information on student events and programs.

Meet Our Team

The team at the Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies works to strengthen a collaborative and supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation within Michigan, as well as the greater community. ZLI faculty and staff connect resources, programs, and talent with emerging opportunities. 

Stewart Thornhill
Executive Director
(734) 615-4421
thorstew [at]
Keith Arthur, Zell Lurie Michigan Ross
Program Coordinator, Student Programs
(734) 615-4372
karthuri [at]
Shannon Beeman, ZLI University of Michigan
Associate Director
(734) 936-3528
srbeeman [at]
Josh Botkin, ZLI University of Michigan
Entrepreneur in Residence; Lecturer
(734) 615-2929
jbotkin [at]
David J Brophy, ZLI University of Michigan
(734) 764-7587
djbrophy [at]
Andrea Shipp-Caldwell
Program Manager, Alumni Engagement
(734) 615-4427
shippca [at]
Marybeth Davis
Program Assistant
mbdavis [at]
Erik Gordon
Clinical Professor
(734) 764-5274
rmegordo [at]
Ryan Gourley, TechArb
TechArb Director
(734) 763-1021
rgourley [at]
Sarika Gupta, ZLI Entrepreneurs University of Michigan
Managing Director
(734) 615-4422
sarikag [at]
Angela Kujava
Managing Director
(734) 249-8988
amkujava [at]
Mike Johnson Zell Lurie Institute Ross
Entrepreneur in Residence; Lecturer
(734) 764-8225
mljohn [at]
Rashmi Menon
Entrepreneur in Residence; Lecturer
ramenon [at]
Mary Nickson
Associate Director
(734) 615-4424
mnickson [at]
Anne Perigo ZLI Entrepreneurs University of Michigan
Associate Director
(734) 615-4425
aperigo [at]
Jim Price, ZLI University of Michigan
Entrepreneur in Residence; Faculty in Entrepreneurial Studies
(734) 764-1387
jimprice [at]
Alison Todak, ZLI Entrepreneurs University of Michigan
Desai Accelerator Program Manager
(734) 249-8988
atodak [at]

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