Entrepreneurial MAP

MAP is an important part of the first year MBA curriculum and accounts for 25% of the credit load. Projects that are entrepreneurial in nature, provide the challenge of working in an environment where students develop entrepreneurial leadership skills and exercise their ability to drive results. This program also provides a unique opportunity for startup companies to tap into a highly motivated and talented team of MBA students with a passion for entrepreneurship. MAP student teams spend seven weeks working directly with entrepreneurs and key company executives to offer solutions that make a dramatic difference to the organizations startup strategy and growth plans. 

Sponsor Entrepreneurial MAP

When your entrepreneurial organization sponsors the Multidisciplinary Action Projects course, you get a diverse team of top MBA students, guided by senior faculty, to tackle your pressing business challenges.



MAP delivers the most value when you have pressing issues with no simple solution.

The best projects:

have no existing or obvious solution
have strong support from senior management
require a multidisciplinary approach
can be successfully completed in the time allowed
demand a set of actionable recommendations

If you have a potential project in mind, here are the next steps:

Developing a project proposal with us:  Michigan Ross will work with you to ensure that the proposal meets the objectives of the school as well as your organization.
Review and approval: Ross faculty review all proposals. We’ll get back in touch to provide an update on the status of your project within a month of the proposal deadline.
Bidding and team formation: MBA students bid to work on approved projects and are assigned, along with faculty mentors, according to their preferences and your stated needs.
Kickoff: Students immerse themselves in your project, traveling and working on site as required.

Visit Michigan Ross to learn more and download the MAP application. 

Responsibilities & Costs

Provide two dedicated and engaged project liaisons.
Provide relevant data, which may be proprietary, to the MAP team.
Arrange for the MAP team to interview key personnel appropriate to the project.
Provide workspace and appropriate business and communications equipment.
Pay for all project-related student expenses including travel, airfare, lodging, meals, ground transportation, visa, immunization charges, travel health insurance, and any other expenses pre-approved by you.

Visit Michigan Ross to learn more and download the MAP applicaiton.