Scholarships & Awards

Zell Lurie ScholarsThe Zell Lurie Institute scholarship program, established in 2003, is a merit-based scholarship program for returning MBA (or part-time MBA students with at least 30 completed credits) and for rising BBA junior and senior students. Eligible students will have achieved a meritorious GPA and will have demonstrated exemplary academic standing, strong entrepreneurial knowledge and interests, and engagement with courses, programs, and leadership at the University of Michigan. 

The scholarship award can only be received once by both MBA and BBA students.

Through the generous support of our donors, the scholarships are worth a maximum of $5,000 toward tuition. Students who receive a scholarship will be expected to help the Institute advance entrepreneurship at Ross and U-M by serving as program volunteers. Scholars will also be expected to attend the Institute Advisory Board meeting lunch.

How to apply

The application process begins each July for the coming academic year. A complete application includes an essay and your resume. Please submit the application package to by 8am on Tuesday, August 6th. Scholarship recipients will be announced by August 23,2019.

To apply for a scholarship, write an essay not exceeding two pages in length (1.5 line spacing, 1 inch margins), that addresses ALL of the following:

-Describe your short-and long-term goals in entrepreneurship. How has your experience with ZLI courses and/or programs prepared you for these goals? How do you plan to engagewith the Institute in this academic year? How will this upcoming engagement forward your goals?

-Please also provide a list of entrepreneurial activities you have been involved with at U-M and in the past (include dates). Which ZLI programs have you participated in and which program(s) had the biggest impact?

-A complete application will include your resume (as page 1) and your essay (pages 2 and 3) combined into a single PDF. This single PDF must be emailed to by 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, August 6th (please include your UMID number in the header). Scholarship recipients will be announced by August 23, 2019.

Scholarship recipients

Scholarship recipients receive a maximum of $5,000 towards their tuition.