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Business plan competitions can be a good way to get experience pitching your company. In addition, you could meet potential investors and perhaps even win some prize money. But there can also be downsides to competing.


Due to power outages in the area, the Mingle 'n' Match event will be held at the Ross School of Business in Blau 3570. If you have any questions or concerns, please email minglenmatch@umich.edu


Join us to learn about the Zell Lurie Institute's program and application process for receiving venture shaping and dare to dream startup grants, which support U-M students through the business creation process by providing startup workshops, mentoring, and funding of $500-$5,000. Grants are awarded fall and winter terms.


Interested in a summer internship at a startup or venture capital firm? Attend to learn more about the Zell Lurie Institute's summer internship program that provides matching funding. Open to Michigan Ross students only.


Competing teams in Round 2 of the campus-wide Michigan Business Challenge give a seven-minute presentation that describes their company’s solution to a pressing market need or pain, an estimation of the market size, and their financial assumptions.


This 90-minute workshop will explore different types of business models and how entrepreneurs develop innovative models that create social and economic value.


This 90-minute workshop will help new entrepreneurs understand the different types and sources of funding – and which ones are right for you. We’ll cover everything from bootstrapping and crowdfunding to angel investors and venture capital.


This 90-minute workshop will introduce what you need to know about financial statements for a startup company including the three core financial statements (income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet), how to make projections, and what investors look for in startup financials.


This 90-minute workshop will explore what a business model is; why a strong model is absolutely critical to anyone interested in launching a new product, service, business, or social venture; and how to develop an effective business model.


This 90-minute workshop will help entrepreneurs understand how to evaluate the market for their product or service.  Is it big and exciting enough for you to pursue?  For investors to get excited about?