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This 90-minute workshop will help you differentiate how you use social media personally versus professionally, and the best way to build your brand online. From this session you will learn the 5 C's of social, discover free tools, uncover key influencers, and walk away with a plan to refine your digital presence.


Have a promising product idea, but not sure you want to build an entire company to make and sell it? There’s another option: You can license your idea to an existing company and receive a royalty (a percentage of each sale) as a licensing fee. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to think about the “make vs.


This 90-minute workshop discussion will explore some of the fundamental questions entrepreneurs encounter when considering launching a new business.  How do we go about forming the company?  Do we have partners?  How do we split up equity?  Do we set up a board of directors?  An advisory board?  How?  What happens when investors come in?


A key precept in user centered design is to continually get feedback from your users. A common technique used to do this is user testing, which involves asking users to complete a series of tasks using your product and observing them while they do so.


This workshop will explore the various facets of crowdfunding campaigns including: different types of crowdfunding; alternative crowdfunding platforms; how to know if crowdfunding is right for your startup; elements of a successful crowdfunding campaign; pros and cons of crowdfunding for an early-stage business.  Facilitated by Jim Price, Ross f