Connecting and networking with other entrepreneurs is extremely beneficial - from gaining new perspectives that spark business growth to meeting new mentors that take your business to the next level.  Zell Lurie networking events bring together extraordinary groups of highly-skilled and talented entrepreneurs who are united around the idea of sharing, creating, and developing new ventures. Whether you are looking to launch a business or join a new startup, ZLI offers a series of networking events that introduce entrepreneurs and potential colleagues to one another. 

Networking events

Founder finder

Looking for a co-founder? Check out Founder Finder, University of Michigan’s co-founder matching platform. The University of Michigan is dedicated to helping our entrepreneur community find the right co-founder(s)/business partner(s). Whether you're looking to join a startup, seeking someone else to join your venture, or open to either, Founder Finder can help.

Two Simple steps to get started connecting with thousands of potential co-founders:

1) Create a FREE entrepreneur profile on Founder Finder.

2) Check out an in-person Co-Founders Wanted Meetup in a city near your (Detroit events coming soon).