News Coverage

Fortune, March 1, 2015

These days, you can’t walk the hallways of a business school campus and not overhear excited conversations among MBA students about their business plans and startup ideas.

Marketplace, March 1, 2015

You don’t have to look very hard these days to find an app billing itself as, “The Uber of … A, B, or C”.

BusinessBecause, March 1, 2015

Venture capital funds have been flourishing at business schools and a new focus is pushing them to pour investment into socially impactful ventures.

Crain’s Detroit Business, March 1, 2015

State legislators have backed off a plan to end funding for venture capital firms from two state funds created during the Granholm administration to help diversify the economy.

Wahington Post, February 1, 2015

Though more and more young tech billionaires seem to be household names, the percentage of new businesses started by 20-to-34-year-old entrepreneurs has actually been declining over the past decade

Fox News, February 1, 2015

Apple’s car project is reportedly called Titan. That’s apt because it will require a colossal effort to break into the auto industry.

Crain’s Detroit Business, February 1, 2015

Bob Paul, 52, the former CEO of Compuware Corp., is finally starting to decompress after a stress-filled two years.

The Michigan Daily, February 1, 2015

In recent years, colleges across the nation, including the University, have started offering degrees, certificates and classes geared toward entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Washington Post, February 1, 2015

Universities across the country have developed entrepreneurship programs in recent years aimed at encouraging students and faculty to turn promising business ideas into actual companies.

Fox News, February 1, 2015

The mere prospect of a car from Apple is sending shockwaves across the tech world. So, what could Apple be planning exactly?