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Michele Thomas

Michele Thomas ZLI

Michele Thomas

Program Specialist

Zell Lurie Institute
(734) 615-4419
michtho [at] umich.edu

Michele joins the Zell Lurie Team as Program Specialist working with students in the elite Zell Entrepreneurs Program and Zell Founders Fund. Prior to coming to the Institute, Michele was with Ross Development and Alumni Relations and worked primarily with the Director of Corporate Relations and was responsible for managing incoming gifts to the Business School. While at the Erb Institute, she coordinated and facilitated the Institutes various events and worked closely with students. Michele has enjoyed assisting students with the admissions process in both the School of Public Health and Washtenaw Community College where she held the position as Admissions Recruiter. Michele has served as the Co-President of the United States Naval Academy Michigan Parent's Club, has lived in Portugal, and enjoys life and learning!