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Ryan Gourley

Ryan Gourley, TechArb

Ryan Gourley

TechArb Director

(734) 763-1021
rgourley [at] umich.edu

As an educator and entrepreneur, Ryan Gourley is passionate about the development of people, ideas, and innovations.  He currently serves as director of the TechArb Student Venture Accelerator, a joint initiative between the Zell Lurie Institute and the Center for Entrepreneurship, where he is responsible for program design, management, and evaluation.  In this role, he draws upon over ten years of experience in teaching, training, and community organizing to support student entrepreneurs in launching their ventures.  Ryan has previously worked in health and social science research and provided coaching to healthcare and sustainability leaders.  

He earned his Bachelor of Science in psychology and Bachelor of Arts in communication studies from The University of Iowa. Ryan went on to receive his Master of Science in natural resources and environment and Master of Entrepreneurship from the University of Michigan.

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