MBC Winners

Winter 2015


PreDXion, co-founded by Walker McHugh (MSE '17) and Caroline Landau (MBA '16), received the Pryor-Hale award for Best Business for $25,000, and the Williamson Award for Outstanding Cross-Functional Team for $5,000. PreDxion fills a critical unmet need in acute care: currently physicians treating a certain kind of cancer immunotherapy are unable to monitor their patients’ immune response. This puts patients at increased risk for death. Their technology, MicroKine, solves this problem in thirty minutes from a single drop of blood.


Gaudium, a video game development company focused on developing eastern-inspired games, received the Pryor-Hale Runner-up award for Best Business for $10,000, the Best Written Plan award for $2,000, and one of two Marketing Awards, sponsored by the Marketing Associates, for $2,500. The Gaudium team, comprised of David Cai (BS '16),Amanda Li (MAcc '16), Kevin Jeon (BA '16), Ni Yan, and Andrew Yang, is looking to launch its first product, Armor Blitz, in late 2016.

AOE Medical

AOE Medical, a durable medical equipment manufacturer, took home the Most Successful Undergraduate team award for $2,500 and one of two Outstanding Presentation awards for $2,000. Represented by Arianna Carley (BSE '17), Eli Fox, (BA '17), Christina Tang (BS '18), and Brandon Boot (BSE '17), AOE Medical is looking to create innovative solutions for bariatric patient transfer.

Sage & Grace

Sage & Grace, a concierge service for those who are addressing or will need to address end of life issues, was awarded the second Outstanding Presentation award for $2,000. Holly Price (MBA '17), created Sage & Grace as a service and information portal for individuals with limited resources who require estate planning, hospice information, funeral planning, and burial options.


CARt, a social enterprise, received the second Marketing Award, sponsored by Marketing Associates, for $2,500. Represented by Ali Jensen (MPH '16), Stacey Matlen (MPH '16), Christine Priori (MBA/MPH '17), Mikaela Rodkin (MBA/MS '17), CARt coordinates rides for low-income, low-vehicle access individuals to get to and from supermarkets so they have increased access to healthy, affordable food.


Debuting in 2015, the Social Impact Track, presented in partnership with Frederick A. and Barbara M. Erb Institute and theCenter for Social Impact, showcases companies that prioritize social or environmental considerations. Four teams competed for the top prize during the finals on February 19.The grand prize for $15,000 went to Kulisha. Founded by Eric Katz (BBA '17), Kulisha is a sustainable aquafeed company that produces commercial-grade fish feed from insects to help small-scale aquaculture farmers in Kenya increase profitability while supplying the food insecure in the region with more healthy animal protein. Kulisha helps to divert food waste going into landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and stop trawling. "The Michigan Business Challenge has given us mentorship and guidance to create a business plan that we can execute on," said Katz.


StepFor received the Social Impact Track runner-up prize for $7,500. Represented by Jordan Golshan (BBA '17), Andy Jinseok Lee (MS '17), and Hyorim Kim (BS '17), StepFor maximizes the marketing value of every dollar spent on corporate donations by effectively engaging users through fitness-powered crowdfunding.


Winter 2016


Companion, a peer-to-peer safety app, received the $20,000 Pryor-Hale Award for Best Business, $2,500 Marketing Award sponsored by Marketing Associates, and $2,500 Most Successful Undergraduate Award. Companion was represented by Danny Freed (BBA ‘15), Lexie Ernst (BBA ‘17), Nathan Pilcowitz (BA ‘15), Kathryn Reiner (BBA ‘16), Jake Wayne (BSI ‘16).

RainDance Recovery

RainDance Recovery,  a company that produces mobile water distillation rigs (RainMakers) that can filter clean water at oil wells, received the $10,000 Pryor-Hale Runner up Award for Best Business and the $5,000 Williamson Award for Outstanding Business & Engineering.  The team was represented by CW Bourgeois (MsE ‘15), Courtney Dansby (MsE ‘15), Jonathan Lilley (MsE ‘15), Alexander Perlman (MsE ‘15). 

Blueprints for Pangaea

Blueprints for Pangaea, which collects unused medical supplies from local hospitals and ships them to targeted areas in emerging nations, received the $15,000 Social Impact Award. The team was represented by Anna Chen (BS '16), Olivia Cholewa (BSN ‘16), Jungwoo Ha (BS '16), Raj Kadiyala (BS ‘15), Danny Luan (BS ‘17), Ben Rathi (BBA/BS ‘17), Sanjay Reddy (BS ‘17)

South Asian Flavors

South Asian Flavors, an exotic food company offering premium healthy, savory yogurt-based snacking dips in a variety of South Asian flavors, made with natural ingredients, won the $2,500 Marketing Award sponsored by Marketing Associates. South Asian Flavors is comprised of Harinee Sampath (PTMBA ‘15).


CubeWorks, a millimeter-scale wireless sensing platform  used in glucose monitoring to improve the quality of life of diabetic patients, won the $2,000 Outstanding Presentation Award. The team is comprised of Zhiyoong Foo (PhD ‘13), Gyouho Kim (PhD ‘14), Pat Pannuto (PhD ‘16) and Nikhil Prem (MBA ‘16).


Graduate, an online platform that allows students and parents to progress towards high school graduation, received the $2,000 Outstanding Presentation Award. The team is comprised of Eric Katz (BBA ‘17) and Camille Merritt (MBA ‘16).


Stethos, an attachment that easily and reversibly converts a mechanical stethoscope into an electronic stethoscope, allowing sounds to be recorded, analyzed and played back within the earpieces, won the $2,000 Best Written Plan Award. The team is comprised of Courtland Keteyian (MD/MBA ‘11), Farrukh Mohammed (MBA ‘07) and Andrew Plaska (MD ‘17).