Provider of clinical performance analytics software designed to improve the delivery of healthcare through data science. The company's analytics tools integrate clinical insights and advanced statistical methods to measure clinical performance and efficiency, enabling clients including health systems, state hospital associations, specialty societies, quality collaboratives, payers, and other at-risk entities to integrate, store and analyze cloud-based data.


Conversa Health

Provider of patient relationship management services. Conversa offers Digital Checkup, a platform that automates the delivery of personalized messaging based on a longitudinal patient profile dynamically derived from electronic health records (EHRs), biometric devices, and self-reported data. The platform uses a profile unique to each patient together with data-driven algorithms to generate personalized clinical questions, patient education, reminders, and alerts.


Delphinus Medical Technologies

Developer of SoftVue, a 3D whole-breast tomographic ultrasound imaging system which utilizes an annular transducer configuration. The system provides more information than traditional hand-held ultrasound with its triple acoustic detection (TriAD) feature which provides reflection imaging of tissue structure, transmission imaging for measuring the speed of sound, and attenuation measurement for evaluating tissue mechanical properties. SoftVue assists physicians in distinguishing normal tissue from areas of concern without the ionizing radiation and discomfort associated with mammography.



Commercializing a focused ultrasound ablation technique called histotripsy invented at the University of Michigan. Histotripsy is a noninvasive, non-thermal ablation modality that uses microsecond-duration ultrasound pulses to generate acoustic cavitation and thereby mechanically fractionate soft tissue targets including cancer and blood clots into an acellular homogenate. The Robotically Assisted Sonic Therapy (RAST) system under development by Histosonics has the potential to replace open and laparoscopic surgeries with outpatient procedures by using nonionizing acoustic energy delivered from outside the body.



Provider of on-demand, high quality, reliable, cloud-based communications and collaboration services that deliver voice, video, and unified communication to businesses without the need to change phone hardware. ItelePeer provides Atmosphere Voices Services to deliver secure and reliable carrier-grade phone service at a lower cost.



Biopharmaceutical company developing novel small molecule therapeutics for autoimmune disease and cancer. Lycera engages in research and development to advance clinical candidates from distinct yet complementary areas of research including immune metabolism, cell signaling, and immune cell differentiation.



Developer of vaccines designed to provide patients with mucosal immunity for respiratory and sexually transmitted diseases. BlueWillow’s vaccines are based on NanoVax technology which utilizes a unique oil-in-water nanoemulsion adjuvant mechanism to elicit both systemic and mucosal immunity. The company was originally known as “NanoBio” and changed its name in 2018.



Producer of mixed-metal oxide spherical nanopowders. The company develops, refines, manufactures and nanopowders to be used as raw materials for products requiring transparency, durability and heat resistance. Applications include use in industrial, military, medical, chemical processing, and aerospace settings.


NeuModx Molecular

Developer of an in vitro molecular diagnostics (MDx) platform technology designed to provide hospitals and clinical reference laboratories with higher performance nucleic acid testing at a lower cost. Rather than focusing on point-of-care testing (POCT), NeuMoDx targets central laboratories where the vast majority of testing takes place currently and is expected to remain in the future.