The University of Michigan is #2 in R&D spending among all U.S. universities

Michigan Engineering has 9 departments ranked in the top 10 nationally at both the graduate and undergraduate levels

The Ross School of Business is #1 in Leadership Development three years running

- Leadership Excellence 2010, 2009, 2008

Why a Master of Entrepreneurship?

Can entrepreneurship be taught?

When we interviewed technology entrepreneurs prior to designing our new Master of Entrepreneurship (MsE) program, we found that most of them had started working on their ventures without enrolling in courses or pursuing business degrees, and they learned by doing. While they eventually learned by trial and error, many false starts and redirections could have been avoided with more complete instruction and mentoring.

The curriculum they needed did not exist, the comprehensive skill set they required was not available in college classrooms. That is why the MsE program is necessary. By understanding the principles underlying venture start-ups many errors can be avoided, shortening the “school of hard knocks” into an accelerated track to an entrepreneurial life.

Universities are in the business of translating art into science, of taking things that one might learn by lengthy trial and error and creating the theoretical underpinnings that help students understand not just what to do but why things work that way. Students who understand the fundamental principles underlying technology translation will be prepared not just for their first launch, but for a future rich with new ventures.

As one entrepreneur told us, the difference at Michigan is the faculty. Great faculty and great students together are stronger than either in isolation.

Those that say “this can’t be taught” are really saying “this hasn’t been taught.” The University of Michigan’s MsE program changes that by offering students a world-class education in technology entrepreneurship.

The Team & Network Effect

team_building_2As an MsE student, you will find yourself part of a cohesive cohort of like-minded students, and you will make friends for life. In your dynamic, highly energetic team you will share successes, frustrations, and progress. It is common to hear venture capitalists say, “If I had to choose between a great idea and a good team, or a great team with a good idea, I’ll take the great team.” They know that a great team will learn and adapt, and eventually pivot to a great idea.

At the University of Michigan you will learn not just the hard skills of technology and management, but the softer skills of teamwork and collaboration. Your training and experience, skills and friendships, and confidence from your intellectual and practical accomplishments will pay dividends for a lifetime.

Combining Theory and Practice

Engineering, Sandy SwisherStudents will leave the MsE program with a robust, hands-on start-up experience informed by the universal principles of technology development.