The University of Michigan is #2 in R&D spending among all U.S. universities

Michigan Engineering has 9 departments ranked in the top 10 nationally at both the graduate and undergraduate levels

The Ross School of Business is #1 in Leadership Development three years running

- Leadership Excellence 2010, 2009, 2008

Why Michigan?

The University of Michigan has top-ranked graduate programs in Engineering, Business, Law, Medicine, and Public Policy, one of the largest research expenditures of any American university, and approximately 500,000 living alumni. Included amongst those alumni are numerous successful entrepreneurs, including Google co-founder Larry Page, iPod inventor Tony Fadell, former CEO of Skype Josh Silverman, and HandyLab co-founders Kalyan Handique and Sundaresh Brahmasandra. Moreover, the University has two startup accelerators (TechArb on Central Campus and Michigan Venture Accelerator at the North Campus Research Complex), three entrepreneurship centers (the Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies at the Ross School of Business, the Center for Entrepreneurship at the College of Engineering, and SI Create at the School of Information), and countless business pitch, plan, and model competitions.

University of Michigan is also home of the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium. The MGC Symposium has been matching business ideas to funding for over 30 years, and has brokered the investment of over $1B into new businesses. Student-run venture funds at Michigan’s Zell Lurie Institute have invested $3.5M in 30 companies, and already have 4 positive exits.

Michigan entrepreneurs are not only starting new companies that drive the economy, but are helping to lay the groundwork for the burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem. The State of Michigan and the cities across the state, including Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, have been gaining recognition for their entrepreneurial climates and activities. Ann Arbor is home to several venture capital firms (i.e. Arboretum Ventures, EDF, and RPM Ventures), economic development organizations such as SPARK, community venture accelerators such as TechBrewery, and startup companies such as Mobiata, Esperion, and HealthMedia. Detroit is home to Detroit Venture Partners, TechTown, Bizdom U, Digerati, EcoMotors, and Are You a Human?, and the city has recently been featured in TechCrunch, The New York Times, and Dan Rather Reports as a hotspot for talented and motivated young entrepreneurs.

Amazing Technology

The University of Michigan is #1 in R&D spending among public universities, and #2 among all U.S. universities, public or private.  In 2010 alone nearly 300 discoveries went through the University’s Office of Technology Transfer (OTT), leading to 153 patent applications and 10 spinoff companies. In fiscal year 2011, Michigan broke an all time record by completing 101 technology licenses with corporate partners. During that same period we launched 11 new companies. There remains a library of inventions waiting for commercialization.  To sample these, visit the OTT web site and click on “Available Technologies.”  There you can browse within the “Search areas of interest” box for ideas waiting to be translated from bench to marketplace.

Amazing University

U.S. News recently rated 95 UM programs in the top 10 in the country, only one of four universities to achieve that high level of balanced excellence. Our top ranked business and engineering schools residing within this dynamic campus have a long history of successful collaborative ventures.  For example, the Tauber Institute for Global Operations has for the past two decades brought together students from graduate degree programs in business and engineering to foster close cooperation and teamwork and to emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary learning.

The University of Michigan is a public university, both literally and philosophically.  You won’t find a wall or gates separating us from the community, and Michigan students and professors are out in the world of science and business, doing projects and helping people and organizations excel. We make learning relevant by applying theory in the real world of practice.  Be it business consulting or technology applications, Michigan translates knowing into doing.  This year Michigan’s Solar Car team was the first American car to finish the World Solar Challenge, placing third overall behind Japan and the Netherlands.  No other U.S. team has had back-to-back top-three World Solar Challenge finishes.  At the same time, a Tauber team working in a Borg Warner plant came up with process changes that will result in $1.5M in material handling and inventory savings over the next 5 years.

Michigan students and faculty serve society, and by so doing better themselves.

Amazing Network

The University of  Michigan has over 500,000 living alumni, including countless prestigious entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and inventors.  Included are Google co-founder Larry  Page, iPod inventor Tony Fadell, former CEO of Skype Josh Silverman, and HandyLab co-founders Kalyan Handique and Sundaresh Brahmasandra.

Though they are spread across the world, Michigan alumni are famous for maintaining lifelong, meaningful relationships with the University and its students. As a Michigan alumnus, you gain access to lifelong learning and research opportunities, and enhanced networking capabilities.  Visit the web site for the University of Michigan Alumni Association to learn more about the benefits of staying connected to the University and other alumni.