Founder Finder

Connecting and networking with other entrepreneurs is extremely beneficial – from gaining new perspectives that spark business growth to meeting new mentors that take your business to the next level. 

Networking Events

Zell Lurie networking events bring together extraordinary groups of highly-skilled and talented entrepreneurs who are united around the idea of sharing, creating, and developing new ventures. Whether you are looking to launch a business or join a new startup, ZLI offers a series of networking events that introduce entrepreneurs and potential colleagues to one another.

Mar 12


ZLI invites you to join our Mingle N’ Match event! Take this opportunity to find team members or simply mingle with other entrepreneurially-minded students. The evening begins with a series of introductions by parties interested in finding team members followed by informal networking.

The Finder

Looking for a co-founder? Check out Founder Finder, the University of Michigan’s co-founder matching platform. The University of Michigan is dedicated to helping our entrepreneurial community find the right co-founder(s)/business partner(s). Whether you’re looking to join a startup, seeking someone else to join your venture, or are open to either, Founder Finder can help.