Entrepreneurial Advising

Entrepreneur Advising University of Michigan Ross Zell Lurie InstituteA unique piece of the entrepreneurial support system provided at Michigan Ross, office hours allow students and alumni to consult with Zell Lurie Institute team members or entrepreneurs-in-residence that have the industry specific knowledge required to help address a startup need, challenge, or question.  Zell Lurie staff are available to advise on business concepts, course selection, program issues, student-led fund questions, or any other entrepreneurial concerns that students or alumni face. Office hours are made available throughout the academic year. 

University of Michigan students and alumni can schedule appointments directly with staff members using this link.

Entrepreneurship Law Clinic
Students and alumni who are interested in legal support can schedule an appointment for the ZEAL Law Clinic at ZLI on Wednesday mornings.

UX Lab
The UMSI UX Lab engages with student entrepreneurs through user-centered workshops and 1:1 consulting. The user-centered services delivered by the UX Lab challenge clients’ problem-solving skills, giving them the ability to think about future problems from multiple perspectives. 

Meet Our Team

Executive Director
(734) 615-4421
thorstew [at] umich.edu
Managing Director
(734) 615-4422
sarikag [at] umich.edu
Associate Director
(734) 936-3528
srbeeman [at] umich.edu
Entrepreneur in Residence; Lecturer
(734) 615-2929
jbotkin [at] umich.edu
Program Coordinator
(734) 615-4428
hanburke [at] umich.edu
Program Manager, Alumni Engagement
(734) 615-4427
shippca [at] umich.edu
Clinical Professor
(734) 764-5274
rmegordo [at] umich.edu
Program Coordinator
(734) 615-5331
jjaggers [at] umich.edu
Program Manager, Desai Accelerator
stevejan [at] umich.edu
Entrepreneur in Residence; Lecturer
(734) 764-8225
mljohn [at] umich.edu
Program Coordinator
(734) 764-8160
kkassof [at] umich.edu
Managing Director, Desai Accelerator
(734) 707-8112
amkujava [at] umich.edu
Marketing and Data Reporting Analyst
shengxia [at] umich.edu
Administrative Assistant
(734) 615-4419
mcoats [at] umich.edu
Entrepreneur in Residence; Lecturer
ramenon [at] umich.edu
Associate Director
(734) 615-4425
aperigo [at] umich.edu
Entrepreneur in Residence; Faculty in Entrepreneurial Studies
(734) 764-1387
jimprice [at] umich.edu
Program Manager
mfwander [at] umich.edu