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This 90-minute workshop will explore what a business model is; why a strong model is absolutely critical to anyone interested in launching a new product, service, business, or social venture; and how to develop an effective business model.


This session has been canceled for October 5, 2021. Please, check back for new dates in the future. 


Customer discovery is a critical activity that allows you to develop and test hypotheses about your new business or social venture. This 90-minute workshop will provide participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to conduct effective customer discovery.


This workshop is for aspiring or active entrepreneurs who want to better understand how to secure funding for their new venture. This 90-minute session will introduce entrepreneurs to the different types and sources of funding.

 Zoom: https://umich.zoom.us/j/95424151067


This 90-minute workshop will expose participants to several tools that can be useful in evaluating the financial viability of a startup business. The session will provide a brief overview of analytic tools to help address these key questions: How much money will it take to launch my company?


This workshop will help entrepreneurs understand how to evaluate the market for their product or service. Is it big and exciting enough for you to pursue? For investors to get excited about? We?ll look at proven approaches to conducting secondary and primary research, in order to glean answers to key questions such as: How big is my market?


This workshop will explore the various tools and approaches entrepreneurs use to communicate with investors, all examined through a common framework. We?ll discuss elevator pitches, executive summaries, investor slide decks, business plans and other elements.


The purpose of this session is to give you the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about how to estimate market size and determine market focus for your startup. These questions could focus on gauging market size, market segmentation, or how to get early market traction.


The Michigan Business Challenge (MBC) is a campus-wide, multi-round business plan competition where student teams have the opportunity to win cash prizes totaling over $100,000 and gain feedback from serial entrepreneurs and investors. Current U-M Ann Arbor students from across campus are invited to apply!


Michigan Investment Challenge (MIC) is a venture capital investment competition in which students play the role of venture capitalists. Student teams evaluate real ventures as investment opportunities and pitch an investment strategy to VC judges.