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Product Management is a fast-paced, growing field that offers fulfilling and dynamic careers. Learn how to stand out in your interview for a PM role and how to gain critical experience in the field. This interactive session is led by ZLI Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Ross Lecturer, Rashmi Menon.


The focus of this session is to give you the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the organizational, legal and logistical elements of launching a business. We’ll have no pre-made slides for this session, so please come prepared with questions to ask.


A tech business without tech is not a business.  So what is a non-tech founder to do?  Luckily, there are more options than ever to make this work.  After some initial analysis on your product idea, the key is to get to building and testing your product as soon as possible.  This presentation provides some high level ideas on how to do this.  ZL


The Desai Accelerator Summer Internship is the premier internship experience for students interested in and passionate about startups and entrepreneurship. Check this out for more information. 

Intern Applications are due March 13, 2023.


The Product, Innovation, and Prototyping Studio (PIPS) at ZLI is designed to give students hands-on experience in developing a new product idea, defining a minimum viable product, building and testing a prototype of the product, and determining how to launch the produc


Pricing is one of the most consequential decisions that a new venture needs to make. This session will familiarize you with various approaches to setting prices and discuss some important strategic considerations associated with the pricing decision. Facilitated by S. Sriram, Professor of Marketing. Please RSVP: innovationseries@umich.edu.


College students feel increasingly empowered to forego the safety of traditional careers and instead carve their own path by founding startups, launching nonprofits, and more. But the decision to follow your dream or address an issue you care about (while somehow paying the bills) is never easy.


Join Michigan Open UX, a student organization dedicated to teaching and performing user experience work, for an introduction on how to conduct user interviews. User interviews are essential tools to learn about behaviors, motivations, and pain points from users.


As students move into their professional lives, some may start their careers with sales, business development, or marketing in their title. Others may not, but make no mistake that sales will be a part of any career in business. This session covers what to expect when starting in sales.


Revenue is a key milestone for any start-up. When a customer is willing to pay for your products or services, you now have new hypotheses to test, from pricing to value proposition to your target market. Your first revenue gives you both a light at the end of the tunnel and a path to scale.