ZLI Launch & Learn: The Psychology of the Buyer and Building Life-Time Customer Value

Mar 06 2024

Starts at 5:00 pm
Michigan Ross Corner Commons


What does success look like? Every investor from angel to venture capital firms want the same thing, year over year revenue acceleration and a quick path to profitability. To do this, your top line growth must have a plan that can be predictable, sustainable and repeatable. Many start-ups have false starts because they did not consider the right-fit Buyer mindset and the decision making processes that go into a purchase.

This session will explore the mind of the Buyer, using applied neuroscience techniques to understand how different types of Buyers make decisions. The workshop will delve into the topics such a cognitive bias, neuropsychology and personality types illustrating real case scenarios from a Buyer’s journey to make a purchase decision. This participatory workshop is designed to help entrepreneurs navigate the selling experience to: drive higher sales results, shorten sales cycles and grow the skills achieve faster success. Facilitated by Darrell Cook, Investor and President of Maven Sales Consulting.