Our team works closely with partners at the University of Michigan and on-the-ground in India to create a collaborative approach to identify high-potential investment opportunities.

In India:


Poornatha is a capacity-building organisation, in the pursuit of propelling nation's growth by empowering Individuals and Institutions. They partner with entrepreneurs to enable them gain confidence in decision making, and create and maintain a culture of trust. Poornatha aims at creating an overarching ecosystem by offering diagnostic tools, coaching, and a support system to enable MSME business leaders to identify areas of growth and increase the confidence to make effective business decisions.


Villgro is one of India's oldest social enterprise incubators, supporting innovators and social entrepreneurs during their early stages of growth. Since 2001, Villgro has incubated over 315 such enterprises, which have generated around 4500 jobs, secured RS 4,164M in follow-on funding, and impacted over 20 million lives. 

Yunus Social Business

Yunus Social Business tackles poverty from the bottom up with Philanthropic Venture Funds and the top down with Corporate Innovation. Their funds grow local social businesses that provide employment, education, healthcare, clean water and clean energy to over 9 million people in East Africa, Latin America & India.

Michigan Academy for Developing Entrepreneurs

The Michigan Academy for Developing Entrepreneurs (MADE) is a US-based non-profit organization whose aim is to develop entrepreneurs in emerging economies. MADE was founded by the William Davidson and Zell-Lurie Institutes at the University of Michigan and Aparajitha Foundation in Madurai, India. 

At Michigan:

William Davidson Institute

Zell Lurie Institute

UM International Law Transactions Clinic