We make investments in Small and Medium Enterprises, focusing on several factors, including:

1. Geography

  • Company based in developing/emerging market country

2. Market Attractiveness

  • Demonstrated product-market fit
  • Large addressable market size with unmet customer needs
  • Significant competitive advantage (Porter’s Five Forces)

3. Business Model

  • Financial viability and scalability
  • Defensibility of products (e.g., IP) and competitive advantage
  • Legal risks mitigated by industry knowledge and legal advisory

4. Management Team

  • Appropriate backgrounds given the business model – why are they the right person to grow the business?
  • Engaged founders and other leadership
  • Clear communication and responsiveness
  • High interest in partnering with IIF for the length of the investment horizon
  • Who are the current shareholders?

5. Investment Size & Type

  • Investment sizes vary but there must be a clear, strategic use of investment funds
  • Equity-like vehicles that capture value from company growth
  • Long-term focused investments to build trust with entrepreneurial ecosystem

6. Exit Potential

  • Reasonable and feasible potential exit strategies
  • Founders’ appetite to give investors a strong ROI through a liquidation event
  • Time horizon dependent on the type of investment, and the best interests of the fund, partners, and entrepreneurs

7. Environmental, Social, and Governance Guidelines

  • IIF will follow the guidelines of the University of Michigan’s Endowment when it comes to ESG guidelines