At the Ross School of Business, academic excellence has been the means for personal achievement, industry innovation, and global leadership. Students begin their future here by learning from both accomplished academics and business professionals who teach entrepreneurial courses. Please refer
to the Fall and Winter term course listings for the faculty member associated with each course.

Executive Director
(734) 615-4421
thorstew [at] umich.edu
(734) 764-7587
djbrophy [at] umich.edu
Entrepreneur in Residence; Lecturer
(734) 615-2929
jbotkin [at] umich.edu
Lecturer of Business Communication
(734) 936-2769
nkotzian [at] umich.edu
Professor of Marketing
John C. and Sally S. Morley Professor of Finance
Clinical Professor
(734) 764-5274
rmegordo [at] umich.edu
Lecturer of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
(734) 763-9226
lenm [at] umich.edu
Entrepreneur in Residence; Lecturer
(734) 764-8225
mljohn [at] umich.edu
Entrepreneur in Residence; Lecturer
ramenon [at] umich.edu
Entrepreneur in Residence; Faculty in Entrepreneurial Studies
(734) 764-1387
jimprice [at] umich.edu