Larry Schmitt

Managing Partner

Larry’s passion for innovation is a driving force for Inovo, which he co-founded and leads as CEO. He lives and breathes innovation through active participation in client projects, the advancement of innovation thinking, development of new methods and tools and collaboration with other innovation thinkers. All of his activities are fueled by his desire to help organizations gain the capabilities and insights to solve their critical innovation problems.

Larry draws upon years of experience in both large corporations and startups that wrestled with being innovative. He saw firsthand how, if you don’t push your boundaries and constantly innovate innovation itself, you fall behind. This observation has informed Larry’s guiding philosophy at Inovo and keeps the company continually creating, developing, testing and learning to push the boundaries of strategic innovation itself.

Larry is a voracious reader with wide and diverse interests. He regularly posts his thoughts on innovation on Inovo’s blog, Linked In Group Innovate Innovation Now and in numerous articles and white papers. He is frequently invited to speak about innovation at conferences, on webcasts, at private events and for colleges and universities.

Born and raised in upstate New York, Larry loves the outdoors and exploring new places with his globetrotting family. He holds a BS in computer science from the University of Michigan and an MS and PhD in computer science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.