Mina Patel Sooch

Founder & General Partner

Mina Sooch is President and CEO of ProNAi. She has over 20 years of pharmaceutical and healthcare experience as a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and advisor for operations, strategy and finance. She co-founded Apjohn Ventures, Apjohn Group, several local biotech start-ups including Afmedica and ProNAi, and served as entrepreneur-in-residence at Northcoast VC in Michigan. Ms. Sooch has served on over 10 private, public, and VC industry boards including biotech companies ProNAi and Zystor, and past chairman of the Board of theMichigan Venture Capital Association. She served as global account manager at Monitor Group, a top tier global strategy consulting firm based in Boston from 1993-2000. Her client base consisted of mid-cap and large-cap healthcare companies and multi-billion dollar private equity companies. With a focus on M&A and partnership deals, she worked on over 30 deals including $7B Pharmacia & Upjohn merger in 1995. Ms. Sooch received a MBA from Harvard Business School in 1993. She graduated summa cum laude and commencement speaker fromWayne State University in 1989 with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.