Satish Malnaik


Satish Malnaik is an entrepreneurial enthusiast and CEO and co-founder at NextServices, a company that enables seamless healthcare delivery by providing an innovative platform blended together with technology, analytics and knowledge based services. He is a current member on the Advisory Council at DDW (AGA). Prior to co-founding NextServices, Mr. Malnaik worked in various E-business, ERP and technology initiatives at Fortune 100 clients, such as Thomson Healthcare (Thomson Reuters), and consulting with firms such as BearingPoint (formerly KPMG Consulting). Previously, he also served on the Advisory Board Billing Services at AdvancedMD (ADP AdvancedMD) and as a mentor at the Ross School of Business on Financing Research Commercialization practicum for new technology and innovation. Mr. Malnaik received his MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. He also holds a master’s degree in Engineering (MS) from the University of Toledo, Ohio and received his underggraduate degree in Engineering (BE/ BS) from The University of Mumbai in India.