Education Circle

Investing in our Education System

The US education system continues to lag behind other developed nations in math, reading and science and disparities in education access and outcomes persist for racial minorities and low-income students throughout the country, despite decades of reform efforts and technological innovation in the classroom. According to 2017 NAEP math and reading assessments, gaps equal to about 1.5 grade levels continue for racial minorities and low-income students. Similar disparities have been seen in graduation rates and college persistence data, contributing to an ever-growing racial wealth gap in early adulthood.

Primary and secondary education systems are being pushed to adapt their models in order to prepare students for a 21st century workforce that requires new skills to navigate an increasingly globalized and technologically-connected world. At the start of 2019, nearly 7 million U.S. jobs remained unfilled and American employers consistently cite trouble finding qualified workers.

Our Focus

SVF is focused on empowering educators and innovators to develop and scale effective products, technologies, and services that reimagine learning and close gaps of access to high-quality education and future career opportunities – especially for underserved communities, including:

Black and LatinX students

Students from low-income communities

Students with individualized education plans

English language learners (OST) involvement models

As the rapid pace of change requires a new commitment to lifelong learning, SVF seeks to invest in entrepreneurs working across the full spectrum of the education industry, including but not limited to:

Early childhood education


Higher education

Workforce and talent development