Zell Lurie Institute, University of Michigan

Wolverine Venture Fund

World’s first student-run venture capital fund

The Wolverine Venture Fund was founded in 1997. It grew out of a fund established in 1988 by the Regents of the University of Michigan for donors interested in contributing to high-risk, high-return investments. WVF’s mission is to enrich student development by providing education through hands-on experience while acheiving returns on capital. WVF has invested in 30 companies and increased its assets from $2M to $7M through M&A and IPO exits.

Fund Strategy

WVF is an evergreen fund that seeks investment opportunities in SaaS, Biotech, Health Tech, Advanced Materials, and other advanced and emerging technologies. The fund invests in priced series seed, A, or B rounds alongside established venture capital firms serving as lead investors.

Investment Process

The investment process is conducted by fund students and typically involves a 3-5 week diligence process before the fund students vote on whether to make an investment. Investments range between $50,000 to $100,000 per round, with additional funds reserved for follow-ons.

Student Expertise

WVF consists of both PhD and MBA students spanning over 20 areas of expertise.

Our Advisors

WVF is advised by veteran venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and a Michigan Ross faculty director. Portfolio companies are encouraged to leverage the University’s resources and the student advisors.


Fund Members