Michigan Business Challenge Marches on to Round Two

Shannon Beeman
December 22, 2010

The annual, campus-wide Michigan Business Challenge is well underway. The teams moving onto round two were announced earlier this month and include an exciting mix of concepts ranging from e-commerce and retail to medical devices and cloud-based technology platforms. The teams moving on to Round Two are:

  • Are You a Human – Creates and markets a human authentication applet for use on websites
  • Bebarang – Baby clothes rental service subscription for parents of children 0-36 months of age
  • Brio Device –Designs and develops innovative medical devices to serve pediatric populations
  • EVo –Manufactures and sells a new, innovative hair extension for a fuller, more natural look
  • Giant Eel Productions –Develops and commercializes 3D and stereoscopic field technology used in film productions
  • IRIZ Technologies –Customizes and sells micro-fluidic assays to pharmaceutical companies to enable more effective and faster drug development pipelines
  • MEMStim –Designs MEMS arrays capable of providing directed and specific electrical stimulation to nerve fibers and facilitates integration into existing consumer products like cochlear implants
  • NodeOut –Created a smart phone application and website that personalizes itself to users to help make decisions on specific product purchases
  • Own  – Designs and sells a point of sale system that provides cloud hosted benefits to retailers
  • ReGenerate – Designs, markets and leases on-site anaerobic digesters to food service operators such as university cafeterias and supermarkets
  • Reveal Design Automation–Develops and licenses a formal verification software tool to microchip design firms
  • SanoBio Therapeutics – Commercializing a novel therapeutic for the treatment of skin ulcers that accelerates wound repair, initially targeted for diabetic patients
  • Smart Energy Loan Fund –Coordinates capital, training, and technical assistance for retrofitting municipal buildings for energy efficiency
  • STIgma Free –Designs, manufactures, and sells point of care diagnostic devices for sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) to sell to the small clinical market and eventually to the in-home market
  • SurveyBroker –Matches professional survey fieldwork companies with market research consultants via an online marketplace
  • Thermaskin –Develops manufacturing technology to apply a thermal barrier coating to components of diesel engines that  increases fuel efficiency
  • Thoosa –  Brokers export container shipments on a web-based interface by guaranteeing rates and comparing carbon efficiency
  • Viiaa –Sells survey SAAS to businesses that allows them to get instant feedback at the point of sale from customers while still in the store
  • WestView Education Institute – Arranges college preparatory services that assist underserved Chinese students to prepare for and enter American universities

Which teams do you want to see advance? Join us for Round Two of the competition on Friday, January 21st beginning at 1 p.m. Teams will give a seven-minute presentation to judges followed by a short Q&A. The teams moving into the semi-finals will be listed here, so be sure to check back after the 21st.