Six Critical Skills Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed – Managing Growth

Shannon Beeman
November 15, 2011

With a keen understanding of and experience mastering the first five entrepreneurial skills – identifying the opportunity, designing, assessing, planning, and resourcing the business, students then must understand how to manage growth. After all, once launched, a start-up company needs to grow rapidly in order to achieve its goals and meet its investors’ expectations. To achieve that movement, skill in managing growth within a resource-constrained environment is vital. This skill enables entrepreneurs to create a sound strategy for scaling the business, including identifying tangential markets, attracting new customers and improving product and service offerings.

Chief executives from companies in various stages of growth visit the classroom to discuss their management challenges as part of the Managing the Growth of New Ventures course taught by Tom Porter, the Institute’s executive-in-residence.

For “in the trenches” learning, Entrepreneurial MAP provides students with an opportunity to work in a start-up environment where they can develop entrepreneurial leadership skills and exercise their ability to drive results. Marcel Gani internships also afford students a first-hand view of growth management at large corporations, small companies and start-ups. The annual Global Private Equity Conference shines the light on the entire life cycle of companies by engaging experts from private equity, investment banking and other business sectors in discussions of the latest developments and directions in private equity finance.