31st Annual Michigan Growth Capital Symposium Unveils List of Presenting Companies

Shannon Beeman
May 7, 2012

Today organizers of the 31st annual Michigan Growth Capital Symposiumannounced the 32 companies that will be presenting at the event, taking place next week, May 15-16 at the Marriott Resort in Ypsilanti, Mich.  The companies, which are seeking $500,000 to $20 million in funding, have been selected through a thorough screening process of over 70 applicants and represent the most promising start ups from the greater Michigan region and beyond. In addition to company presentations, the program will be augmented by panel discussions, multiple networking opportunities and keynote presentations from Foundry Group’s Jason Mendelson and Flagship Ventures’ Noubar Afeyan.

The Symposium has long served as a critical agent in connecting early stage and emerging growth companies seeking funding to investors from across the nation prospecting deals. Since 2000 alone, more than 300 companies have presented at the Symposium and about 70% of those companies have gone on to raise capital totaling more than $1.7 billion in investments. Presenting companies not only receive access to potential investors as part of the process, but also receive expert coaching and preparation assistance ahead of the event, exhibit space on site and invaluable networking opportunities.

The companies presenting at this year’s Michigan Growth Capital Symposium represent industries such as life sciences, medical devices, healthcare IT, clean tech and information technology, among others. They are:

  • 3D Biomatrix– technology company providing 3D cell culture plates and 3D cell matrices for life sciences research and drug discovery/testing applications
  • Accio Energy – producers of wind energy systems which harvest energy by using the wind to move electrically charged particles against a voltage gradient
  • Advanced Battery Concepts– a battery technology development company and makers of GreenSeal®, which generates significant cost and weight benefits for today’s lead acid batteries
  • Alert Communications–  a refurbisher and wholesale distributor of mobile phones
  • Algal Scientific–  providers of water treatment systems which reduce customer cost and provide clean water in the most environmentally sustainable manner
  • Amplifinity, Inc.  – providers of short and long-term solutions for building brand advocacy
  • Atterocor, Inc. – targets the treatment of adrenal disorders
  • BioPhotonic Solutions, Inc. – early stage company and creators of  ultrafast laser technology
  • Blaze Medical Devices, LLC– research and development company specializing in improved characterization and utilization of blood products
  • Clean Emission Fluids– technology company that manufactures fuel blending and fluid dispensing solutions
  • Coliant Corporation– makers of rugged electrical accessories that maximize the comfort, convenience and safety for motorcyclists
  • Commuter Advertising– providers of active and entertaining audio advertising onboard public transit vehicles
  • DeNovo Sciences, Inc.– providers of cutting-edge CTC detection technology for the cancer research and clinical markets
  • ePack, Inc. – technology company bringing world-renowned expertise to help MEMS component companies bring new and exciting devices to market
  • Epsilon Imaging Incorporated– creators of vendor-neutral visualization and analysis applications that enhance, standardize, and streamline interpretation and reporting of echocardiography
  • Esperion Therapeutics– research company working to discover and develop therapies to prevent, treat, and reverse cardiovascular and metabolic diseases
  • FlexDex LLC – makers of a new minimally invasive surgery (MIS) tool technology that provides high dexterity, intuitive control, and natural force feedback in an affordable and ergonomic design
  • GANTEC Inc.– biotechnology company focused on delivering agriculture solutions for the 21st century
  • HistoSonics, Inc. – makers of ultrasonic medical devices that non-invasively shrink swollen prostates and destroy cancer tumors
  • Ideomed – providers of the innovative personalized managed health solution abriiz™ asthma management platform
  • LogiCoul Solutions LLC– developers of a unique, proprietary, patent-pending technology called Interfacial Process Stimulation (“IPS”)
  • Mackinac Technology–  technology company that develops and commercializes energy saving thermal insulation products
  • Monarch Antenna– makers of the  patented Self-Structuring Antenna (SSA) which improves the reliability of the wireless link
  • Nanocerox, Inc. – the world’s leading producer of high-purity ceramic nanopowders
  • NeuWave Medical– technology company that develops tools that deliver energy to the human body to treat a variety of serious medical conditions
  • NRG Dynamix – developers of a hydraulic hybrid power train (HHPT) for the light and medium truck markets
  • Phenometrics Inc.– providers of tools to help increase the photosynthetic efficiency of plants for food, pharmaceuticals and fuel
  • Premium Compost Company– designers of turn-key solutions for commercial organic waste recycling programs
  • Swift Biosciences Inc.– developers of enabling technologies for genomics and personalized medicine
  • Vestaron Corporation– developers of a new generation of insecticides derived from peptides produced by spiders
  • Wellfount Cororation– providers of continuous innovation, world-class operations and point-of-care solutions, all in partnership with leading long-term care facilities
  • Woodward Asset Capital – providers of custom, tailored solutions for private and institutional asset owners