University of Michigan’s Zell Lurie Institute Extends Reach by Making Leading Entrepreneurship Courseware Available

Shannon Beeman
October 24, 2012

Underscoring its commitment to drive the advancement of entrepreneurial skills at Michigan and beyond, The Samuel Zell & Robert H. Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business has made material from one of its top courses available to educators at universities and colleges worldwide. The course, Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation, was developed by James Price, successful serial entrepreneur and adjunct lecturer of entrepreneurial studies, and provides educators with a practical guide to starting a new business, exposing students to every crucial aspect of the entrepreneurship experience.

By offering courseware online, the Zell Lurie Institute is making learnings from its top-ranked graduate entrepreneurship program more accessible than ever before. In fact, of the over 1,100 MBA students who have taken this course at the University of Michigan, dozens have successfully launched new ventures—some while still in school, others after graduation—and many have successfully applied the skills in corporate or nonprofit careers.

Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation equips students with a set of lenses through which they can better identify and actively filter new-business opportunities and obtain the skills and confidence to plan and launch their business. The courseware can be adopted or paired to meet any curriculum, thus meeting the needs of a wide-range of colleges and universities around the world—including those without well-established entrepreneurial programs.  Custom developed with a focus on premier academic quality as well as practicality and relevance in the entrepreneurial and corporate worlds, the course is broken into four modules:

  • Evaluating Entrepreneurial Career Options and Startup Opportunities
  • Understanding Startup Finances and Capital Requirements
  • Developing and Presenting Your Startup Business Plan
  • Launching and Managing the Startup Enterprise

“Entrepreneurship is at the heart of innovation and economic growth, so it’s essential that educators arm entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to be successful,” said Price. “This courseware taps Michigan’s proven model for entrepreneurial education and helps educators customize it to hone their students’ entrepreneurial skills. This courseware, coupled with the action-based learning programs at the Institute, has created countless entrepreneurs and I’m thrilled to be spreading this passion for entrepreneurship to other institutions.”

Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation courseware is currently available for purchase via Global Lens, the leading source featuring materials developed by the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Additional courses will be made available in the coming months.