21 Teams Selected to Move on to Round Two of Michigan Business Challenge

Shannon Beeman
December 7, 2012

We would like to congratulate the 21 teams that have been selected to move on to the second round of the Michigan Business Challenge. These teams beat out more than 50 other teams participating in Round One, and will next compete on January 25, 2013 for a chance to participate in the semi-final and final rounds on February 22, 2013.

We wish all of the teams listed below best of luck as they prepare for Round Two, and a big thank you to all participants of this year’s Michigan Business Challenge.

Angel Impact – Shane Kelly (MBA ’13), Erinne Brown (MBA ’13)
A software platform for crowd-sourced impact investing

CentriCycle – Carolyn Yarina (BSE ’13), Alex Thinath (BSE ’13), Justin Beeker (BA ’13), Michael Bodden (BBA ’13)
Improving healthcare in rural India through appropriate, off-the-grid, diagnostic tools and education

conDUCT Solutions – Thomas Polzin (MBA ’14), Ananta Medury (MBA ’14), Ayesha Gopal (MBA ’14), Venkata Chiivukula (MBA ’14)
A power generation system that converts internal water flow within skyscrapers into electric energy

Dinner With – Catherine Fish (MSW ’13), Jillian Badanes (MBA ’14), Sam Chen (MBA ’14)
An online volunteer and fundraising platform that helps charities connect with a broader donor base

DiscoverREAD – Patrick Huang (MBA ’13), Alexander Donics (MBA ’13), Daniel Han (MBA ’13), Michael King (MBA ’13)
A digital platform that allows premium magazine publishers to better monetize their content by selling on a per-article basis

Exo Dynamics – Jorge Sanz Guerrero (ME ’11), Daniel Johnson (PhD ’12), Maren Bean (MBA ’13), Sam Beckett (BSE ’12), Pat Milligan (BSE ’14), Mushir Kwaja, JW Lee
An electromechanically activated back brace that can move with the wearer and maintain support through a variety of postures

Focus – Cavan Canavan (MBA ’12), Grant Hughes (MBA ’13)
A combination device and application for physical therapy and training

Go Tickets – Ari Luks (BBA ’13), Tarrence van As (CSE ’13)
A digital ticketing solution for college and university athletic programs

IBO Labs – Chase Lee (BBA ’13)
A mobile and web application that gives independent business owners information on their customers

Kymeria Advanced Materials – Cameron Smith (MBA/MS ’13), Vincent Alessi, Dave Hatfield, Reed Shick
Developing a new chemistry for ceramics, which brings the benefits of existing advanced ceramics to new parts and markets

Mariposa Diagnostics – Jake Armstrong (MBA ’14), Laura White
Developing a novel laboratory test to definitively detect lupus

myFab5 – Nick Ruff (CSE ’14), Calvin Schemanski (BBA ’12), Omeid Seirafi-Pour (BBA ’11), Ethan Michaeli, John Gulbronson
Revolutionizing the way people find and share restaurants while helping businesses to improve their marketing and sales operations

Oasis – Jie Sun (PhD ’12), Gang Su (PhD ’12), Minfei Dai (MBA ’14)
An online trial matching platform that facilitates patient recruitment in China

OcuFly – Jinyong Kim (MIF ’13), Courtland Keteyian (MIF ’13), David Lorch (MIF ’13), Marius Tijunelis (MIF ’13)
A device that will provide slit lamp like illumination of the eye and capture a sterescopic image for eye-care professionals

OraGen – Brijesh Dutta (MBA ’13), Cody Powers (MBA ’14), Mahua Ghoshal, Smita Singh, Siddartha Roy
An accurate, simple test to detect any susceptibility or early existence of oral cancer

Password Patterns – Benjamin Bagazinski (MSE ’13), Bradley Kowalk (BA ’13)
Offers a pattern of colored boxes in a matrix that allows one to memorize a design or color pattern other than numbers for a password

PhasiQ Technologies – Arlyne Simon (PhD ’13), Josh White (PhD ’13)
Offering high throughput bioanalysis assays, producing data otherwise not obtainable to life scientists in pharmaceutical industries

PhotoSocial – Jeff Bargmann (MBA ’13)
Offering free photo gallery software for mobile devices to simplify photo management, trading, and ordering

Torch Hybrid – Justin D’Atri (MS ’12), Sid Menon (MS ’12), Swapna Potluri (MS ’13), Sammit Nene (BS ’13), Nate Henschel (BA ’14), Matt Lankowski (MS ’12), Rob Peeler
A software service provider for marine hybrid-electric powertrain development and energy management

Universal Vaccines – Arjun Gupta (MsE ’13), Marilia Cascalho (PhD ’98), Jeffrey Platt (MD ’77)
Enabling technology for creating universal vaccines that develop broad protective immunity in individuals

Wintergreen Stone – Yanning Li (MBA ’14), Amy Eischen (MBA ’14), Joey Zhang (MBA ’14), Nishant Yadav (MS ’14)
Aggregate technology that refines and normalizes fly ash in Shanxi