Shannon Beeman
February 4, 2013

Winners of Round 2 of the MBC have been announced! Eighteen teams (65 participants) competed in Round 2 of this annual campus-wide business plan competition. Nine teams will advance to the semi-finals of MBC on February 22. The awards reception follows the finals where more than $60,000 in prizes will be announced. The event is open to the public and full details on that, and the finalist teams, are included below.

Michigan Business Challenge – Friday, 2/22, Ross School of Business
Public Welcome All Day! Semi Finals & Finals – 8 am – 5 pm
Awards Reception – 5:30-7 pm, Colloquium

Dinner With is a startup crowd-funding platform leveraging the social media networks of celebrities to connect nonprofit organizations with new donors and volunteers. Through our web platform and mobile app, Dinner With users can donate to a charity or volunteer in their communities to be entered in a sweepstakes for the chance to join a celebrity for dinner. Dinner With is an innovative social
tool that makes volunteering and philanthropy affordable, accessible and fun! Catherine Fish (MSW ’13), Jillian Badanes (MBA ’14), Sam Chen (MBA ’14)

DiscoverREAD is a digital platform that provides online readers with a
marketplace where they can purchase previously unavailable magazine content on
a per-article basis. By partnering with magazine publishers to offer premium
content, DiscoverREAD provides readers with a personalized online reading
experience with the freedom to purchase only the articles they are interested
in. DiscoverREAD also helps publishers better monetize their new and archived
content through an attractive alternative compared to the volatile advertising-based model. Patrick Huang (MBA ’13), Alexander Donics (MBA ’13), Daniel Han (MBA ’13), Michael King (MBA ’13)

Exo Dynamics is a medical device company dedicated to creating the next generation of spinal orthoses. These devices, will drastically improve treatment processes for people afflicted with spinal ailments. Our first target segment is
Interventionalist, doctors who perform minimally invasive procedures and suffer
lower back problems due to their work. For them, we have created an
electromechanical brace. Unlike current solutions, it gives lumbar support AND
allows them to move, protecting their back without hindering performance. Jorge Sanz Guerrero (ME ’11), Daniel Johnson (PhD ’12), Maren Bean (MBA ’13), Sam Beckett (BSE ’12), Pat Milligan (BSE ’14), Mushir Kwaja (MBA ’12), Joungwook Lee (MBA ’12)

Focus – The Focus bracelet+app system automatically identifies and records
repetitions, sets, rest periods, weights, and exercises/motions. Workout data
is then uploaded online where users can track progress, compete, and share
results. The Focus virtual trainer app then provides professional recommendations and workouts based on individual goals such as tone, strength, or even specific sport position improvement. More than just fitness product, Focus will be your next training partner, helping you efficiently and effectively meet your goals. Cavan Canavan (MBA ’12), Grant Hughes (MBA ’13)

GoTickets is an innovative digital ticketing and promotional platform that provides college athletic programs with the tools necessary to more effectively control their ticket market and fan base. The platform represents an end-to-end solution that incorporates a backend for ticket and customer management as well as a front end solution for ticket holders. Ari Luks (BBA ’13), Tarrence van As (CSE ’13)

Password Patterns is a company that seeks to use innovative designs to make
it easier for people to remember their passwords. The first product offered is a matrix adhesive, which aids memory recall of passwords for combination locks,
garage door openers, and other similar devices. This product will be sold to device manufacturers in addition to aftermarket consumers. Stay tuned, as increasingly advanced products are currently in production to address other markets. Benjamin Bagazinski (MSE ’13), Bradley Kowalk (BA ’13) The Marketing Award Recipient – $2500

PhasiQ, Inc. is a biotechnology startup that develops, manufactures, and markets multiplexed protein biomarker tests to life scientists in academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies. PhasiQ’s proprietary technology allows simultaneous, quantitative detection of up to 100 protein biomarkers in a single fluid, while completely eliminating false positives. Our sensitive biomarker assays are used to study disease mechanisms, discover new drugs, or stratify patients in clinical trials. Arlyne Simon (PhD ’13), Josh White (PhD ’13)

Torch Hybrid LLC is an engineering service provider that offers marine hybrid
powertrain manufacturers design and development support in order to make
boating cleaner and more sustainable. Torch’s simulation-based tools and design
approach allows for custom tailored, embedded software solutions that
drastically reduce the time and cost of development for a hybrid boat’s most
critical component: the power management system. Justin D’Atri (MS ’12), Sid Menon (MS ’12), Swapna Potluri (MS ’13), Sammit Nene (BS ’13), Nate Henschel (BA ’14), Matt Lankowski (MS ’12), Rob Peeler The Marketing Award Recipient – $2500

Universal Vaccine is a research based startup company with a novel vaccine technology platform that can produce vaccine candidates against mutable viruses such as HIV, Hep C and Influenza. The key focus of our company is to develop vaccine candidates against HIV and get acquired by a fully integrated vaccine companies such as Sanofi-Aventis or Merck after proving the efficacy of the vaccine candidates on an established animal model (Macaques). Arjun Gupta (MsE ’13), Dr. Marilia Cascalho, Dr. Jeffrey Platt