Allos Ventures: Angel Funding Helping Entrepreneurs Find Investors

Shannon Beeman
March 6, 2013

Ohio-based investment firm Allos Ventures focuses on early-stage software and business services companies, working to expand capital provided by angel investors. Investing in two companies per year, Allos looks for entrepreneurs who demonstrate expertise within their industry – especially those in big markets with hot selling products.

Allos Ventures has been a regular attendee of the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium since 2010. The firm focuses its efforts in the Midwest, especially within the state of Michigan. “The Michigan Growth Capital Symposium has been a great help developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is one of the key events that brings everyone together,” said Director Dov Rosenberg. “We enjoy seeing everyone in one place. It’s sort of a kickstart to find new companies and co-investors to make new relations for the year.”

Rosenberg notes that many new and promising healthcare companies have been presenting at the Symposium; in addition, he has been pleased to see a lot of B2B and enterprise software companies over the last few years. “The level of sophistication of software companies is improving,” he said. “I would attribute that to local angel funding helping companies be prepared for investors.”

Allos Ventures sponsors events like the MGCS to show the company’s commitment to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Midwest. Allos representatives also travel to Michigan on a regular basis. “Michigan is a very important part of the region,” said Rosenberg. “It’s nice when we are up in Michigan for two or three days during the MGCS to meet far more people than we could if we drove to offices. We also get a chance to meet people we did not know existed.”