Supported Intelligence LLC Proposes Streamlined Valuation Service for Entrepreneurs, Incubators, and Investors

Shannon Beeman
May 21, 2013

Supported Intelligence, LLC (SI) was formed to develop and market a breakthrough decision analytics product.  SI’s primary product, the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox, is the world’s first commercially available decision support software that uses the patent-pending Rapid Recursive® methodology. Patrick Anderson, Supported Intelligence’s Executive Chairman, today announced that his firm planned to provide a streamlined valuation service to the other entrepreneurs and investors participating in the MGCS conference.

“For too long, valuing start-up and entrepreneurial firms has been something of a ‘black art,” said Anderson. “The difficulty of obtaining solid valuation advice penalizes both entrepreneurs and investors, as well as causing unnecessary time and expense in due diligence. That is especially the case with most entrepreneurial companies, which are exposed to significant asymmetric risks, have tremendous ‘real option’ to develop promising technologies, and have little or no track record of profitability.” Anderson noted that standard discounted cash flow methods are notoriously unreliable in evaluating firms of this type, but until recently there have been few alternatives. “The recursive model captures more information about what is valuable in start-up companies, and better recognizes the risks they face,” he said. “More information and a better method yields better results.”

Supported Intelligence has bundled the initial release of the Rapid Recursive® software with a valuation template for start-up firms. Supported Intelligence is now discussing with a handful of economic development agencies an effort to improve this tool and make it available to a wider audience. In conjunction with one or more of these entities, and their accredited consulting partners Anderson Economic Group LLC, Supported Intelligence will be offering a streamlined valuation service to an initial set of entrepreneurial companies. The company intends to offer special discounted pricing to the MGCS presenters and other participants at this year’s conference, including venture capitalists and agencies that are assisting startups.

Matthew Irey, President & COO of Supported Intelligence, invited MGCS attendees to stop by the Supported Intelligence presentation and table, and learn more about the forthcoming streamlined valuation service. “Interested entrepreneurs and investors should check out the free technical papers available on our website,” he said; “We have already demonstrated how the Rapid Recursive model works to better value actual companies than traditional methods when asymmetric risks and real options are present.”

For more information, please contact Matt at or (517) 333-7024.

About Patrick Anderson

Patrick Anderson is the founder of Supported Intelligence, LLC and its Executive Chairman. He is a recognized authority on finance and economics, and the author of three books and numerous articles on business economics.

Mr. Anderson literally wrote the book on strategic business valuation. Patrick Anderson’s most recent work, The Economics of Business Valuation: Toward a Value Functional Approach (Stanford University Press, 2013), describes the recursive method of valuation that is utilized in Rapid Recursive® software.  Other books by accredited consulting partners include Applied Game Theory and Strategic Behavior (CRC Press, 2009) and Business Economics & Finance (CRC Press, 2004).

About Matt Irey

Matthew Irey is President and COO of Supported Intelligence, LLC. He is a former IT Executive with Electronic Data Systems/Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services. His last position with HP ES was as a Sales Consultant with the Strategic Sales Center, selling and negotiating contracts at the CIO/CTO level on IT-outsourcing deals with a minimum value of $100 million, with some exceeding $1 billion.

Mr. Irey has recruited and led diverse ITO teams that included nearly 400 cross-functional engineering and solution-delivery professionals on multiple billion-dollar accounts both domestically and globally (Brazil, Europe, India, China, Kuala Lumpur, North America). His list of clients includes Symantec, Vale, ABN AMRO, Kraft, Weyerhaeuser, International Paper, Xerox, and GM.

About Supported Intelligence LLC

Supported Intelligence provides advanced analytics for investment modeling, valuation, financial modeling, risk assessment, and decision optimization. Their primary product, the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox (patent-pending), allows end users to apply advanced techniques from economics and dynamic programming to analyze critical decisions. Whether applied in investment analysis, new product development, risk management, or academic research, the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox puts knowledge to work in ways traditional decision models cannot.