$26,000 in Start Up Grants go to Student Entrepreneurs

Shannon Beeman
October 15, 2013

Thirty student teams representing the Business School, College of Engineering, Medical School and others were awarded a total of $26,000. Each year, the program awards up to $100,000 to University of Michigan students to develop their businesses while earning their degrees, with programs in the fall and spring.

The Mayleben Venture Shaping and Dare to Dream programs are a cornerstone of the Zell Lurie’s action-based approach to entrepreneurial education and guides student teams from across the University through the business ideation and creation process. The Mayleben Venture Shaping grant program takes students through the process of constructing a viable business out of a business idea – a differentiated, sustainable venture that holds commercial promise and that can be launched. Once the business construct is completed, teams may apply for a Dare to Dream Assessment grant to evaluate the feasibility of their business.

This year’s program was presented with support from the University’s Erb Institute and of the Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility Research & Transformation (SMART) initiative. Six awards, totaling $4,000 in grants, were generously funded by these organizations. For the list of all 30 teams follow here.

The next application cycle for Venture Shaping and Dare to Dream grants will be in January 2013. For application materials, please see www.zli.bus.umich.edu.