Student Start-up A2B Bikeshare is Growing and Needs Your Vote!

Shannon Beeman
December 16, 2013

Keith Porter and Ansgar Strother, students at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering, found a way to take a simple idea (a bike share program) add technology (touch screens) and create a new start-up, A2B Bikeshare. The 16-month-old start-up enables communities to independently implement bike sharing programs through technology it developed. The company’s technology outfits bicycles with touch screens that outlines how to use the program, swipe a credit or membership card and go.

The team took the second place prize worth $15,000 at the March 2013 Michigan Clean Energy Venture Challenge and allowed A2B Bikeshare to offer its services at a sharply cheaper price-point compared to other bike-sharing program. A2B Bikeshare launched a pilot program at Google’s downtown Ann Arbor office in March.

Please vote online for A2B Bikeshare at Start Garden where they can receive a grant to help forward their business.