“Chat Sports Startup Changing the Way You Follow Your Teams”

Shannon Beeman
April 14, 2014

The Zell Lurie Institute was recently featured in the Monroe Street Journal in a story on Chat Sports’ chief operating officer Brett Scott. The article details how the Institute was able to connect Scott with Chat Sports during his MBA program and how that fostered a grander relationship with Ross and its students. Below is an excerpt from the piece.

“You just never know what opportunities you might uncover out in the wild world of startup firms.  One of the key services provided by the Zell-Lurie Institute (ZLI) is connecting entrepreneurial ventures with students looking for…..something.  That’s the short explanation of how MBA2 Brett Scott became Chief Operating Officer at Chat Sports.

Brett came to Ross from Deloitte and was looking for an opportunity to work for the summer in a startup environment or to explore sports management.  He found Chat Sports through ZLI.  In less than a year the Chat Sports company, and its relationship with Ross, has blossomed.”

To read the article in full, visit: http://themsj.com/chat-sports-startup-changing-the-way-you-follow-your-teams/.