MBA Students and Alumni Share Positive Characteristics of the Zell Lurie Institute

Shannon Beeman
May 13, 2014

[wpvideo qy1QGZRf] Check out our new video featuring MBA students and alumni discussing characteristics that make the Zell Lurie Institute unique. Some of these characteristics include supportive, collaborative, encouraging, inspiring, engaging, open minded and friendliness. These distinctive qualities within the Zell Lurie Institute connect to a broader mission throughout the Ross School of Business–positive business.

This year marks the inaugural Positive Business Conference on May 15-17, hosted by Ross and its Centers and Institutes, which will explore the most inspiring and practical approaches to building positive businesses through real-world testimonials from business professionals, such as Whole Foods Co-CEO Walter Robb, professor speakers and U-M workshops.

The Zell Lurie Institute’s very own Stewart Thornhill will be participating at the Positive Business Conference. He will speak on “Entrepreneurs as Value Creators,” discussing how entrepreneurs can create value in the creation of different roles in the business. He will also be conducting a workshop with Professor Andy Hoffman on “The Future of Positive Business in Your Company: Developing a Blueprint for Positive Action,” an opportunity for conference attendees to receive guidance on how to map out positive business leadership approaches, develop next steps to help them succeed and connect them with partners to begin business goals. To learn more about this exciting event, visit here: