Exo Dynamics is Excited to Present at this Year’s MGCS

Shannon Beeman
June 16, 2014

We at Exo Dynamics are currently taking a big step from laboratory prototype to commercial product, and the timing of MGCS fits perfectly with our plans to meet investors and aim for a launch in 2015. Our core technology, invented by co-founder Daniel Johnson, began as a pure research platform: a harness of metal and plastic incorporating onboard motors and sensors and move with its wearer to provide active support to the lower back. This original device has since been improved into a next-generation prototype and put through its paces in the lab. With the functionality in place, we are now in the process of turning this high-tech “wearable robot” into a consumer-focused product with features such as comfortable padding, a sleek exterior, easy controls and extended battery life. To that end, our engineering team is now coordinating the efforts of several manufacturing partners (mostly in Michigan) to produce their components. We will complete the assembly and then fit these prototypes to our first set of “test pilots”, potential customers that will provide invaluable feedback to the last phases of the design process. This feedback, along with the business model presented at MGCS, will give us an excellent venue to make a pitch for its first round of investment.

 Exo Dynamics is one of the 32 presenting companies that will be attending the 33rd annual Michigan Growth Capital Symposium this week.