Professor uses Summer Break to Innovate Italy’s Economy

Shannon Beeman
July 7, 2014

Professor Erik Gordon is using his time off from teaching MBA students in Michigan to teach at the WeHave the Future! Summer Camp in Northeast Italy. The program, created by the former editor-in-chief of the Economist, Bill Emmott, hopes to address the economic roadblocks that old, self-sufficient businesses face in the economy of high tech startups.

This initial summer series is bringing together 30 of the world’s best law and business school students in order to innovate, educate and help them explore disruptive solutions to encourage more stability and growth for the future for Italy. Professor Erik Gordon will teach this week as a part of the program, Dealing with the World: Finance and Market. Using his experience teaching for the Zell Lurie Institute, Professor Gordon will explain the importance and practical values of entrepreneurship and venture capital, including its ability to solve complicated issues and provide jobs.

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