Alumnus shares how to go from worker to entrepreneur

Shannon Beeman
August 13, 2015

Yesterday, Praveen Suthrum, a Ross alumnus, published an article in the Economic Times of India on how to go that extra step to evolve from just a worker to an entrepreneur.

According to Praveen, “a worker waits for things to happen while an entrepreneur goes about making things happen. A worker expects someone to assign tasks and review performance. A worker depends on the organization to provide training and waits for the boss to applaud and reprimand. A worker yearns for higher paying jobs because money becomes the primary reason to work. An entrepreneur is the antithesis of the worker.”

While at U-M, Praveen founded Next Services, a company that provides cloud-based revenue cycle management services, mobile EHR, consulting and analytics for ambulatory surgery centers and specialist groups. Praveen received a $10,000 Dare to Dream grant to help get his company off the ground. He also presented at the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium in 2006.

To read more about how to elevate yourself to the title of entrepreneur, check out Praveen’s full article here.