2022 Michigan Business Challenge Spotlight – EnGARAGE

Shannon Beeman
February 10, 2022

MBC Invention Track Spotlight

The Michigan Business Challenge (MBC) takes participants through the entire cycle of new venture creation from creating a strong pitch to conducting a marketing and financial assessment and writing a comprehensive business plan. University of Michigan student entrepreneurs are one step closer to over $100,000 in cash prizes. Meet these innovative Wolverines in our spotlight series.

Startup Description

EnGarage University of Michigan Business Challenge Zell Lurie Institute EnGARAGE is a solution provider for in-garage delivery with garage automation. Besides allowing end customers to control their garage door and allow access for guests remotely, EnGARAGE builds a platform that connects the customers with the last-mile delivery business through the in-garage delivery, allowing packages to be delivered right into the garages with advanced security and great convenience.

What was the origin of this venture? How was the problem or opportunity discovered?

The problem we are solving is found through our own life problems. Then I interviewed over 100 people and found the problems are real and common.

What do you think will be the long-term impact of launching your venture?

With the launch of EnGARAGE, the last-mile delivery industry will be renovated. People and families who lives in a house with a garage will be able to enjoy the best-in-class last-mile delivery service with a peace of mind. Also, many industries will be renovated, too. Last-mile delivery companies can streamline their operation; grocery markets can remodel the business to “warehouse + online” model and etc.

How did you form your team?

We worked together before and we know each other as a friend.

How has participation in MBC helped move your venture forward?

MBC is a perfect opportunity for us to streamline our business model, practice our pitching skills and attract attention from the public.

What has been your biggest takeaway from the MBC experience (so far)?

As an entrepreneur, we need to think big and also think carefully, trying to consider all kinds of variables as much as we can. We plan to keep moving forward.

What are your plans following MBC? How would prize money help your venture?

We have been working on it for over a year and no matter what the outcome is, we will not stop, because we believe in ourselves.

If we are lucky enough to win the prize money, we will invest in marketing and technology. We need funding for marketing to get better exposure for a crowdfunding campaign and we also need funds to enhance our server system and refine the hardware prototypes.

What advice do you have for other student entrepreneurs?

Working on a startup is the best experience I have ever had. So I would say, JUST GO for IT!

2022 Michigan Business Challenge Finals 

Learn more about these disruptive student startups by following the 2022 Michigan Business Challenge Finals on February 11 on ZLI social media. Cheer for your favorite team during the MBC final presentations and applaud the winners!