2024 Michigan Business Challenge Winners

Zell Lurie Institute
February 13, 2024

The annual Michigan Business Challenge (MBC), hosted by the Zell Lurie Institute at Michigan Ross, encourages entrepreneurship among undergraduate and graduate students across the 19 schools and colleges at the University of Michigan. Throughout the multi-round competition, students are taken through the entire cycle of new venture creation from writing a comprehensive business plan to composing a strong pitch. During each round, students pitch to panels of judges composed of accomplished entrepreneurs and investors. MBC boasts three distinct tracks of competition to reflect the depth and breadth of U-M ventures:

The Seigle Impact Track recognizes the business that best pursues a mission-driven goal and aims to stimulate the creation of new businesses, products or services that prioritize social and/or environmental considerations.

The Pryor-Hale Innovation Track recognizes new ventures that offer a product, service, mobile application, or platform serving consumers or enterprises.

The Pryor-Hale Invention Track recognizes ventures that have intellectual property at the core of their high-tech venture and aims to stimulate the creation of new businesses in life sciences, physical sciences, mobility, AR/VR, and more.



Through five rounds of competition across four months, these students worked to hone their business plan, perfect their pitch, and build a viable venture. Over $100,000 in cash prizes were awarded to this year’s impressive group of student entrepreneurs.


Here are the 2024 Michigan Business Challenge winners:




1st Place Seigle Impact Track ($15,000)

Affirmative leverages automation technology and tight community ties to build a two-sided care navigation platform for transgender patients lost in an unforgiving healthcare system. Sasha Kolodkin (MBA/MSI, ’24), Matt Liu (MBA, ’25), Harshita Sinha (MBA, ’25), Jonny Shen (BSE ’25) Irene Chung, (BSI/BA ’25), Seoyoon Chan (BS, ‘26), Zhenqi Wang (BSE ‘26).



Finalist Award ($1,500)

ContractGuru empowers businesses and individuals with end-to-end legal document creation and management, transforming legal administration and compliance into an easy, efficient experience. Utal Antor (MBA’24), Nahiyan Nasir (MBA ’24), Vivek Varma (MBA ’24).


CoPrint Housing

Finalist Award ($1,500); Elevator Pitch Award ($500)

CoPrint Housing uses the latest developments in additive manufacturing to 3D print affordable housing at a fraction of the cost of traditional building methods. Jakob Bouna (BBA ‘27).


Dialysis Innovations

1st Place Pryor-Hale Invention Track ($15,000); Elevator Pitch Award ($500)

Dialysis Innovations venture provides a novel innovative life changing solution to end-stage kidney patients by providing a smart dialysis needle that ensures better cannulation and better dialysis care by enhancing the patient and provider experience at lower cumulative costs by ensuring appropriate venous cannulation and reducing injuries/infiltration/”vein blow-out”. Karthik Ramani (MD/MBA ’24).



Pinkert Healthcare Award ($5,000): Finalist Award ($1,500)

Invicardia offers improved cardiac disease modeling and preclinical screening of novel cardiovascular medicine through its high-fidelity, functional human cardiac tissue platform. Do Hoon (Chris) Kim (PhD ’24)



1st Place Pryor-Hale Innovation Track ($15,000); OneMagnify Best in Business ($5,000); Sillman Undergraduate Award ($5,000); Williamson Award ($5,000)

Meet Your Class helps colleges form community by revolutionizing the way students meet and find resources. Blake Mischley (CSE ‘25), Jonah Liss (BBA ‘25), Kaleb Schmottlach (CE ‘25), Jon Millar (MCDB ‘25).


NeoNest Global

2nd Place Seigle Impact Track ($7,500); Elevator Pitch Award ($500)

NeoNest Global is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is developing effective and accessible non-electric infant warming solutions for low resource communities to reduce global infant hypothermia and mortality. Erin Donnelly (MS ME ’24), Ananyo Bhattacharya (PhD ’26, MS CLASP ’23), Christina Zerka (BS ’24), Dhiya Krupashankar (BBA/BSE ’25), & JooYoung Chung (BA ’24)



Michigan Investment Challenge Committee Award ($2,000); Finalist Award ($1,500)

OrganFlow is building an automated clinical decision support system to enhance real-time transplant surgeon decision making and help to redefine the organ exchange process. Our CDSS system is designed for use by transplant teams (i.e., surgeons, coordinators, staff) to help manage organ procurement decision making and pre-transplant workflows. Karthik Ramasubramanian (MBA ’24); Jordan Silva (MD’26); Tyler Dann (MD’26).


Pathless Productions

Finalist Award ($1,500)

Pathless Productions is creating Ludare, a game subscription service that pays developers based on how often and how many players play their games. Effectively Spotify for the video game industry. Matt Stone (BSE ’16, MET ’18, MBA ’24).



2nd Place Invention Track ($7,500)

Sceptre is a provisionally patented, innovative handheld instrument designed to eradicate biofilms in surgical procedures – it utilizes mechanical and electrosurgical technology while incorporating irrigation and suction functions to efficiently address biofilm and infection harbored on implants and medical devices. Ryan McManus (MBA ’25), Maya Ambady (MBA ’25), Graham Beck (MD/MBA’25).


Trinity Barbara [the brand]

2nd Place Innovation Track ($7,500)

Trinity Barbara [the brand] is a jewelry brand that exclusively uses ethically-sourced fine metals and gemstones to create versatile and durable luxury jewelry. With a strong focus on sustainability, each piece is created to fit and complement any style or aesthetic. Originating in Detroit, Trinity Barbara creates a safe space on social media platforms to discuss meaningful topics and social impact through the lens of concept creation and sculptural metal design. Trinity Barbara Brown (BBA ‘24).


Tweel’s Wheels

Finalist Award ($1,500); Elevator Pitch Award ($500)

Tweel’s Wheels’ mission is to create easy to find, beautifully designed, and affordable play products for children with physical disabilities. Lauren Tweel (MBA ’24).



Congratulations to the 2024 Michigan Business Challenge winners! Your hard work and dedication has paid off. Go Blue!

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