The faculty and staff of the Zell Lurie Institute bring a wealth of experience to the study and practice of entrepreneurship. The ZLI team is a dedicated group of professionals with backgrounds and ongoing practice in founding startups, venture capital, technology commercialization, startup management, invention, and successful exit strategies.

Executive Director
(734) 615-4421
thorstew [at]
Managing Director
(734) 615-4422
sarikag [at]
Associate Director
(734) 936-3528
srbeeman [at]
Entrepreneur in Residence; Lecturer
(734) 615-2929
jbotkin [at]
Program Coordinator
(734) 615-4428
hanburke [at]
Program Manager, Alumni Engagement
(734) 615-4427
shippca [at]
Clinical Professor
(734) 764-5274
rmegordo [at]
Program Coordinator
(734) 615-5331
jjaggers [at]
Program Manager, Desai Accelerator
stevejan [at]
Entrepreneur in Residence; Lecturer
(734) 764-8225
mljohn [at]
Program Coordinator
(734) 764-8160
kkassof [at]
Marketing and Data Reporting Analyst
shengxia [at]
Managing Director, Desai Accelerator
(734) 707-8112
amkujava [at]
Administrative Assistant
(734) 615-4419
mcoats [at]
Entrepreneur in Residence; Lecturer
ramenon [at]
Associate Director
(734) 615-4425
aperigo [at]
Entrepreneur in Residence; Faculty in Entrepreneurial Studies
(734) 764-1387
jimprice [at]
Program Manager
mfwander [at]