Joe Marr

President, CEO, Owner

Joe Marr has over 30 years experience organizing, training, coaching and managing sales professionals and sales managers worldwide. 

For 14 years Joe and his company, Sandler Training Ann Arbor, have helped hundreds of businesses succeed by optimizing, adopting and mastering manageable processes in their sales and sales management efforts.

He and his team are committed to helping clients get comfortable and effective selling, and managing people through breaking the rules of traditional approaches with ongoing reinforcement training and coaching.

It is the mission of Joe Marr to live abundantly by helping others to live abundantly. This is achieved by a servant leadership approach to business, training and interaction with others, and a love for neighbors striving for the highest standards of integrity, responsibility and joy for life, as well as good stewardship and profitability.

“We don’t do traditional sales and sales management training. We teach our clients the art and science of applying a 2-way communication model and processes that develop deeper trust with prospects, customers and employees—and more sales just happen.”

In executive sales management and training positions in the corporate world, Joe was responsible for the technical and sales fundamentals training of over 1000 sales people worldwide in support of a $110,000,000 business.

Specialties: CEO and Executive Advisory Services, Sales Process Optimization, Culture Transformation, Accountability and Strategy, Sales Training, Customer Service Training, Sales Management Training, Recruiting, Hiring, Coaching and Mentoring,Skills, Leadership Development, Negotiation, the Psychology and Art of Bonding and Building Rapport and Motivational Management.